Code of Conduct

The following is adapted from the Go Ride track code of conduct. British Cycling rules apply but the following are a set of guidelines for track league. We will operate a three strikes and out policy. If a rider is subject to three verbal warnings from a coach, commissaire or judge then they are suspended from racing for one week or invited to go back to the training sessions in order to improve their skills. Feedback on this is welcome via our contact form or on the facebook page.
The code of conduct is as follows;
• Wear a helmet and gloves at all times when on the bike
• Use the changing rooms and facilities provided. Please don’t use the bushes or surrounding area as a toilet or changing area.
• Always make sure the track is clear before crossing and avoid crossing the track during races.Only cross at the gate and only when given the all clear by the gate Marshall.
• Check your bike before every session. Your safety and the safety of others may depend on it.
• Listen to and follow instructions, if you are not sure please ask the coach or official before riding.
• Always look before you move onto the track or manoeuvre on the track. Only manoeuvre when safe to do so. Hold the bars in the race postion, not “hoods” position
• Do not overlap wheels when riding in a line. Always leave room to manoeuvre and always indicate your intentions when changing.
• When warming up at a steady pace ride on the stayers line so others can pass above or below and others have room to join or leave the track.
• Remember cycling is fun! Lets all enjoy ourselves and help others to enjoy themselves too.
• Accept decisions made by coaches and officials and respect coaches, officials and volunteers. Without them there is no racing.
• Learn to control your temper. Dont shout and swear, let your conduct be an example for others.
• Encourage others and respect effort as well as results. Sometimes a “well done” can be as effective as a race win for someone who is trying their best. Show your support.